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Portable Vaporizers

It goes without saying that vaporizer has long ago proved its value and usefulness in the lives of the smoke lovers. A vaporizer is used to inhale the natural essence of the herbs such as tobacco, marijuana and the like. The most interesting feature of the vaporizer is that it does not burn the herb, which produces copious pernicious by-products, instead it heats the herb. Vapor produced by heating the herb ideally contains zero smoke and toxins. Vaporizing is now popular as a substitute of smoking.

Portable Vaporizers

There is a wide range of vaporizers available in the market. But a portable vaporizer is the best choice. What puts it apart from other vaporizers in the market is its easy-to-care and carry quality. This portable vaporizer is of two kinds: digital and non-digital. What is required for the digital one is a power connection. For power supply, a 12v connection is supposed to be the most optimum power required as per the universal usage. Hence a 12v battery or a cigarette lighter used in the car can be used to serve the purpose.
Utility wise a portable vaporizer is a marvel to experience. Its usage and function, design and durability will give altogether a new feel to enjoy. So it is not a traditional pipe but a great technological advancement to add to one’s health gadgets making smoking safer and enjoyable at the most affordable price. Moreover, it is gifted with a technique which helps in the proper infusion of temperature according to the ambience. As a result of this, before getting in touch with the herbs, the hot air which comes out from a lighter gets cooled to the temperature of vaporization.

Bong – most common portable vaporizer
Non-digital vaporizers are known for their own advantages like traditional smoking devices. Among non-digital portable vaporizers, a bong is the most popular one used to smoke tobacco and herbs. It is almost similar to the traditional smoking device, hookah in function and construction. It is also popular as a water pipe which gives the traditional feel of smoking.

Smoking experience in not at all the same when it is had though a bong and when through a pipe or a cigarette. In case of smoking using a bong, the smoke gets cooled before entering the lungs and the amount of the smoke drawn in is very large if compared with the smoke inhaled in case of pipe and cigarette.

Benefits of portable vaporizers

A portable vaporizer is very user friendly.

Its light weight makes it hassle free to handle and carry anywhere.

This portable vaporizer can vaporize all kinds of herbs.

The user’s enjoyment gets doubled through delivered active constituents, as the vaporization occurs at the temperature below the combustion point.

No other smoking device can heat up the herbs so effectively as a portable vaporizer.

It saves money by producing twice as many herb actives. It is also available at low price.

On the whole, portable vaporizer is the best option for those who wants to vaporize on the go.…

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Make Meaningful Difference to Life with Marijuana Vaporizer

What is Marijuana Vaporizer?

A marijuana vaporizer is a wonderful device to smoke marijuana. It doesn’t burn the marijuana instead it heats and let the best marijuana vaporizer. The temperature required for the Marijuana to vaporize is between 140 degrees Celsius up to approx 300 degrees Celsius. But the best temperature for marijuana is 110 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius. Effect varies depending upon the temperature.

There is no gainsaying the fact that smoking is harmful for health. The use of marijuana vaporizer is also harmful but its effect is less than traditional smoking.

Marijuana is also used as a medicine to get relief from pain. It is less harmful than traditional smoking products. A study conducted by authority CNORML shows the benefit of marijuana vaporizer over traditional way of smoking.

The Health Benefits of Marijuana Vaporizer

The level of tar produced by marijuana vaporizer is less in comparison with tobacco and other smoking products which are traditionally used for smoking. So it is less harmful than traditional way of smoking. By vaporizing marijuana one can view some change in one’s health. This makes it different from traditional smoking. When someone feels cough and cold the marijuana vaporizer can be used to get relief from it. So medically, marijuana vaporizer is mandatory for exceptional health benefits.

All the smoking products make one prone to cancer and other hazardous disease. But the level of danger from being infected from these diseases is less when smoking is enjoyed with the help of marijuana vaporizer. Smoking marijuana may tire or de-motivate one, so it is better to use marijuana vaporizer to vaporize it. Vaporizing is bound to produce a clean headed high buzz.

All medical researches done on the smoking shows that it dangerous for health. But the harmful effect smoking herbs is less than that of traditional smoking products.

Most of people are unaware of the use of marijuana vaporizer. The knowledge about its usage and health benefits is bound to inspire people to use marijuana vaporizer. So, one should know the proper use of herb vaporizer so that the hazard of traditional smoking can be reduced.

All about using Marijuana vaporizer:

First of all the herb Marijuana bud should be cut to help to increase its surface area. After that, the herb should be kept in a bowl. Now the optimum temperature for it should be created. At different temperature different effect is achieved.

The Marijuana should be heated until theTHC resin inside the bud get enough temperature to start vaporizing. When it starts vaporizing and the vapor become thicker then it is ready to be inhaled through a long tube. When the process of vaporization is completed and the black remaining chafe is left. It can also be used further in the form of smoke.

So by using Marijuana vaporizer one can, undoubtedly, feel the enjoyment of smoking with zero smoke and any other toxins substances and amazing health benefits as well.…

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Light Bulb Vaporizer

Finding a good vaporizer can be difficult, at least at a reasonable price. Most of us don’t have $200 to spend on anything recreational, and if it’s a health related matter insurance probably won’t cover the expense, even if there is a serious health risk from inhaling smoke. But luckily it’s easier then you think to create your own homemade vaporizer out of every day material you probably have lying around your house for vape

While there are a lot of methods to creating a vaporizer, there is one that seems to be used more the any other, because of it’s easy construction and cheap materials. This method is known as the Light Bulb Vaporizer, and it utilizes items that are probably lying in the bottom of that messy junk drawer you have been promising to clean out for years.

Making this vaporizer is simple. All you need are the following items: A light bulb, a drinking straw, a sharp knife or scissors, electrical tape (don’t use duct tape, trust me), a thick pair of gloves, a plastic bottle cap from a soda bottle, and a soldering iron.

To start, put on the gloves, take the light bulb, and cut off the very last metal rung in the cap, making sure to saw it off as evenly as you can. When you do this you will want to make sure to hold the bulb against a stable surface so you don’t slip on the metal, but be careful not to hold or press it to tightly. The last thing you want is to shatter the glass, which is exactly why you are wearing gloves.

Next, take the scissors or knife and clean out all the wiring and fragments inside the light bulb. Make sure to clean it out well to make sure there is nothing left behind you may accidentally inhale, especially small glass shards that can scratch off but be difficult to see.

Cut a few medium sized holes into the plastic bottle cap, making them large enough to pass small herbs through. If the herbs are in a large bundle, add them to the bulb now. Then, take the electrical tape and bind the cap tightly to the metal end of the light bulb, being careful to cover all cracks but to leave the holes open.

That’s it! You have made your light bulb vaporizer. Just fire up your lighter, place it under the bulb where the herbs are, and inhale from the holes. You can also take the plastic straw mentioned above and cut one hole big enough to fit it, using the electrical tape to bind it into place, and use that to inhale the vapors, rather then place your mouth over the tape which can have a funny taste to it.

It’s simple, easy, and much infinitely cheaper then the models you find on-line that charge hundreds for something that works just as effectively. While you may not be able to use it more then a few times, it takes such a short time to make that it’s worth it. So, build your own today, and live a healthier, smoke free life!…

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How To Make A Vaporizer

If you’ve ever tried to find a vaporizer for sale, you know that finding one that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money is harder then it sounds. Even a cheap dome or pipe is going to run you at least $60.00, and the horrible quality you tend to find through on-line sellers means it will rarely be worth it, even if you decide to go for an average-priced vaporizer and spend $200. Which is why so many people have come up with their own instructions to creating an easy homemade vaporizer with materials you can find at your local hardware store, or even at home.

Now, any search on Google will give you plenty of options on how to build your own, but they don’t all work as effectively as they claim, especially if you aren’t planning on burning off your fingerprints jewel-thief style in the process of lighting up. So, here I am going to give you the step by step instructions to one of the easiest methods to building your own homemade vaping vaporizer.

1. Gather together the following:

* Light bulb. I don’t honestly think it matters very much what kind of light bulb you use, although I have heard some people say a 100-Watt is best.
* Plastic straw or similar plastic tube. While you could technically use anything long, thin, and hollow, a straw really is best because of it’s flexibility.
* Knife. Make sure it’s sharp, after all you will be cutting through metal.
* Electrical tape. I know that you can technically use duct tape, but I would advise against it.
* Thick gloves. Remember that the bulb is made of glass and you will be spending the next 15 minutes or so playing with it, so take precautions.
* Soldering iron. I realize this one may not be a common tool for everyone, but they aren’t hard to find, or to borrow.
* Plastic bottle cap. Usually a 2-Liter cap will be fine, but be sure to check that the cap is relatively close to the size of the bulb opening.

2. Take the light bulb and holding it gently against a stable surface cut the the bottom off of the metal screw so that it is open on one end. Be careful not to slice your finger against it once you are done.

3. Clean out the light bulb, carefully removing all wiring inside using the point of your knife, and make sure nothing is left behind, especially glass. Washing it is a good idea at this point.

4. Cut two medium holes into the top of the cup on either side, and put it onto the cut end of the bulb. Depending on the size of the herbs you plan on smoking, you may want to add them in now. Using the electrical tape, bind it tightly without covering the holes, carefully making sure all cracks along the edge are covered.

5. If the herbs you are using are small enough to fit in the holes, and you haven’t done so already, add them in now. Once they have dropped into the bulb, fire up your lighter and place it underneath, like you would a pipe.

It’s not exactly fancy, and it won’t work nearly as well as some of the high end vaporizers you can purchase on-line, but if your looking for something that won’t cost more then about $1.00 to make and will work well enough to keep you going, then I would recommend it. Enjoy!…

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Hands Free Vaporizers

A Cursory Glance at Hands Free Vaporizers

With the each passing day the popularity of the vaporizer is touching a new height. This is not because it is a part of a fashion, but because it offers amazing health benefits to its user. Looking at the popularity, all manufacturers of the vaporizers are producing easy to use handsĀ free vaporizers.

Extreme Vaporizer 2.0
Now-a-days hands free vaporizers are on demand and they are selling like hot cakes. There is no doubt that hands free vaporizers have made smoking much easier than other hand held vaporizers. Now one can enjoy smoking with all ease and comfort without being worried about their health and the health of their near and dear ones. A number of hands free vaporizers are coming day by day in the market.
They include Vapor Brothers hands free vaporizer, VaporBox Hands Free Deluxe Herbal Vaporizer, HotBox Green Hands Free vaporizer, Easy Vape Hands Free Digital Herbal Vaporizer, and the like.

VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer

This hands free vaporizer is most popular vaporizer in the world. With this vaporizer one can get the perfect draw using only one hand. This vaporizer has a lot going for it. This is why it is most used and recommended vaporizer.

VaporBox Hands Free Deluxe Herbal Vaporizer

This hands free vaporizer is one of its kinds. It has come out as a replacement of VaporBrothers, VaporCannon, VaporDoc and some other similar vaporizers. It has an exclusive ceramic heating element with a hole in its center for more efficient hot air output. It is made in USA. When it comes to box style vaporizers, this vaporizer is the original and most popular name. VaporBrothers hands free vaporizer is very cost effective and of high quality. It uses pure ceramic heating element which provide a better and healthy experience. It is a better option for those willing to have a reliable, long lasting vaporizer for under $200.

HotBox Green Hands Free Vaporizer

This hands free vaporizer is hand made in California. This is very simple, easy to use, effective, and a healthier substitute for traditional extraction methods. On the market place there are a lot of aromatherapy diffusers but this is the only vaporizer which sold like a hot cake in its class. It comes with an innovative 2-PC wand, a newly developed heating source, and more things like them which make it more effective and efficient. On the whole, it is ideal for those who want top-notch vaporizer without spending more money.

Easy Vape Hands Free Digital Herbal Vaporizer

It is a top rated vaporizer for 2008. It comes with advanced digital LCD display and controls. One can know the status of the vaporizer just by pushing blue LED lit knob. This is extremely light, small but very powerful. It has a long lasting ceramic heating element for precise temperature control.

Apart from these hands free vaporizer, there are some hands free vaporizers available on the market. They include THE VAPORMATIC VAPORIZER, Natural Goods Standard Hands Free Vaporizer, VaporWarez Hands Free Vaporizer, UVM Hands Free Vaporizer and the like.…

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Digital Vaporizers

All Singing, All Dancing Digital Vaporizers:

Vaporizer is very effective and useful device used as a healthier alternative to conventional way of smoking. Basically, it heats the herbs or the substance to be inhaled and release the natural essence of substance in a healthier way by vaporizing them. By and large, one can say that it is a device used as an alternative to smoking by the smoke lovers. This device helps the user to inhale the natural essence from the leaves of tobacco without taking in toxins things found in smoke.

All singing, all dancing digital vaporizers

It is a kind of all singing, all dancing vaporizer. this is digitally controlled and electronically operated. It is well equipped with every thing including but not limited to adjustable digital temperature control and convectional fan forced heating system to provide its user with healthy vaporizing experience. Most of the digital herbal vaporizers require 110 volt and 220 volt to be operated. With digital vaporizer, temperature is adjustable according to the herb placed on the heating element. Every herb needs different levels of temperature to be vaporized such as salvia Divinorum requires approx. 300 degrees Celsius while with Marijuana; vaporization temperature is between 140 degrees Celsius to approx. 220 degrees Celsius. Temperature setting can be done very easily.

Price Range of Digital Vaporizers

Digital vaporizer are available in a wide range. The price of the digital vaporizer starts from around $140 to $ 670. The Vapir oxygen portable vaporizer is available at lowest price and Digital Volcano Vaporizers are available at highest price. There are some vaporizers which are priced within $300. They include Natural Goods digital vaporizer, Lifestyle digital vaporizer, Rechargeable Vapir vaporizer and the like. Apart from these vaporizers, some vaporizers such as Aromed, Evolution, and Volcano Vaporizers are available at the price between $400 and $675.

The most interesting thing about this vaporizer is that all digital vaporizers, be it low priced or high priced, are very easy to use, cost effective and even more importantly they are digitally controlled with a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

Digital Vaporizer Oxygen

From the monetary point of view the Vapir Oxygen digital vaporizer is very cost effective. If one is not willing to spend much, the Vapir Oxygen digital vaporizer is the best buy. It offers not only all the facilities of the bigger vaporizers but also excellent quality for less. It is a pocket sized and portable vaporizer, so it can be used in boat, car office or anywhere.

Digital Volcano vaporizer

This digital volcano vaporizer is for someone who has a great urge to splurge for the acquisition of the best vaporizer. Digital volcano vaporizer is billed as all singing and all dancing vaporizer. It has an advanced electronic control system which enables it control the temperature accurately. It has temperature display which shows the temperature the heating system is at and preferred temperature as well.
Digital Volcano vaporizer comes with automatic shut off which is the most attractive and impressive attribute of this vaporizer. The heat is turned off, if the vaporizer is left unattended for upwards of twenty minutes. Overall, it is an excellent vaporizer. Nothing is left to be desired.…