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Light Bulb Vaporizer

Finding a good vaporizer can be difficult, at least at a reasonable price. Most of us don’t have $200 to spend on anything recreational, and if it’s a health related matter insurance probably won’t cover the expense, even if there is a serious health risk from inhaling smoke. But luckily it’s easier then you think to create your own homemade vaporizer out of every day material you probably have lying around your house for vape

While there are a lot of methods to creating a vaporizer, there is one that seems to be used more the any other, because of it’s easy construction and cheap materials. This method is known as the Light Bulb Vaporizer, and it utilizes items that are probably lying in the bottom of that messy junk drawer you have been promising to clean out for years.

Making this vaporizer is simple. All you need are the following items: A light bulb, a drinking straw, a sharp knife or scissors, electrical tape (don’t use duct tape, trust me), a thick pair of gloves, a plastic bottle cap from a soda bottle, and a soldering iron.

To start, put on the gloves, take the light bulb, and cut off the very last metal rung in the cap, making sure to saw it off as evenly as you can. When you do this you will want to make sure to hold the bulb against a stable surface so you don’t slip on the metal, but be careful not to hold or press it to tightly. The last thing you want is to shatter the glass, which is exactly why you are wearing gloves.

Next, take the scissors or knife and clean out all the wiring and fragments inside the light bulb. Make sure to clean it out well to make sure there is nothing left behind you may accidentally inhale, especially small glass shards that can scratch off but be difficult to see.

Cut a few medium sized holes into the plastic bottle cap, making them large enough to pass small herbs through. If the herbs are in a large bundle, add them to the bulb now. Then, take the electrical tape and bind the cap tightly to the metal end of the light bulb, being careful to cover all cracks but to leave the holes open.

That’s it! You have made your light bulb vaporizer. Just fire up your lighter, place it under the bulb where the herbs are, and inhale from the holes. You can also take the plastic straw mentioned above and cut one hole big enough to fit it, using the electrical tape to bind it into place, and use that to inhale the vapors, rather then place your mouth over the tape which can have a funny taste to it.

It’s simple, easy, and much infinitely cheaper then the models you find on-line that charge hundreds for something that works just as effectively. While you may not be able to use it more then a few times, it takes such a short time to make that it’s worth it. So, build your own today, and live a healthier, smoke free life!

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