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How To Make A Vaporizer

If you’ve ever tried to find a vaporizer for sale, you know that finding one that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money is harder then it sounds. Even a cheap dome or pipe is going to run you at least $60.00, and the horrible quality you tend to find through on-line sellers means it will rarely be worth it, even if you decide to go for an average-priced vaporizer and spend $200. Which is why so many people have come up with their own instructions to creating an easy homemade vaporizer with materials you can find at your local hardware store, or even at home.

Now, any search on Google will give you plenty of options on how to build your own, but they don’t all work as effectively as they claim, especially if you aren’t planning on burning off your fingerprints jewel-thief style in the process of lighting up. So, here I am going to give you the step by step instructions to one of the easiest methods to building your own homemade vaping vaporizer.

1. Gather together the following:

* Light bulb. I don’t honestly think it matters very much what kind of light bulb you use, although I have heard some people say a 100-Watt is best.
* Plastic straw or similar plastic tube. While you could technically use anything long, thin, and hollow, a straw really is best because of it’s flexibility.
* Knife. Make sure it’s sharp, after all you will be cutting through metal.
* Electrical tape. I know that you can technically use duct tape, but I would advise against it.
* Thick gloves. Remember that the bulb is made of glass and you will be spending the next 15 minutes or so playing with it, so take precautions.
* Soldering iron. I realize this one may not be a common tool for everyone, but they aren’t hard to find, or to borrow.
* Plastic bottle cap. Usually a 2-Liter cap will be fine, but be sure to check that the cap is relatively close to the size of the bulb opening.

2. Take the light bulb and holding it gently against a stable surface cut the the bottom off of the metal screw so that it is open on one end. Be careful not to slice your finger against it once you are done.

3. Clean out the light bulb, carefully removing all wiring inside using the point of your knife, and make sure nothing is left behind, especially glass. Washing it is a good idea at this point.

4. Cut two medium holes into the top of the cup on either side, and put it onto the cut end of the bulb. Depending on the size of the herbs you plan on smoking, you may want to add them in now. Using the electrical tape, bind it tightly without covering the holes, carefully making sure all cracks along the edge are covered.

5. If the herbs you are using are small enough to fit in the holes, and you haven’t done so already, add them in now. Once they have dropped into the bulb, fire up your lighter and place it underneath, like you would a pipe.

It’s not exactly fancy, and it won’t work nearly as well as some of the high end vaporizers you can purchase on-line, but if your looking for something that won’t cost more then about $1.00 to make and will work well enough to keep you going, then I would recommend it. Enjoy!

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